Cannon Lane – Access Point for GWEP

Project Overview

LCI Rail constructed an access point at Cannon Lane as part of the The Great Western Electrification Project (GWEP).

The Great Western Electrification Project (GWEP) is responsible for electrifying the railway across southern England and South Wales. Working alongside our client Amey, LCI Rail have been involved in assisting this project by providing various access points across the Great Western lines for works to take place. Cannon Lane is part of this work and sits along GWEP route section 1.


Works Completed

At this particular site, we were to create an access point with various other elements involved. This included the installation of two 16.2 metre Strail Road Rail Access Points (RRAPs) with PVC edge beams as well as the construction of a concrete base of 16.2 metres by 5 metres.

Type 1 was used as a sub base for the concrete base as well as to bank up the concrete slab from the RRAP. We also used compacted Type 1 for the approach to the concrete base.

Additional works included the installation of lightweight troughing in the 10ft and ATP cable duct in the 6ft. We also installed bollards, signs and curved armco barriers