RRAPs and Approach Works at Milley Bridge

Project Overview

LCI Rail were requested to install RRAPs and complete other works at a site near Milley Bridge in Reading. These works were in preparation for our client to undertake their electrification project. The RRAPs installed and associated approach works enabled our client to access the track.

Works Completed

We installed 2 no. 16.2m Strail RRAPs on adjacent lines. As per our client's specifications, we inserted PVC edge beams alongside each RRAP, using concrete and a whacker plate to secure these in place.

In preparation for 2 no. concrete slabs to be constructed for the purpose of the approach, we excavated the existing ground and removed the spoil from site. Each concrete slab was roughly 2m squared and were separated by a trough route which we were instructed to install protection for. We protected the troughs using galvanised steel plates raised on timber sleepers. In the 6ft, the existing ballast was removed. In its place we inserted a sheet of terram and back filled the space with Type 1. This was then compacted with a machine roller.

We also installed 12 removable bollards within the concrete approach.