Upgraded Access Point Works

Project Overview

Our client had instructed us to install a new access point (RRAP) and approach to access the track at a site in Cardiff. This also involved installing larger gates at the boundary fence. The previous access point on this section of rail had been timber and had been removed already when the track was upgraded. We had been asked to install a rubber Strail RRAP where the timber access had been.


Works completed

The first priority for our team was the installation of the 16.2m Strail RRAP. A section of the RRAP required cut to fit panels which our skilled team were able to measure and cut on site. Aside of the RRAP, we dug trenches to accommodate the PVC Edge beams which were secured in place with concrete.

The approach to the RRAP was created using Type 1 stone which we compacted with a 120 tonne vibrating drum roller. Our team added timber edging to support this approach. 

We excavated the ground to expose the existing troughing works. Some of the lids on the current troughs were damaged, so we replaced these. We secured two layers of sleepers either side of the repaired troughs. We then bolted steel plates to these sleepers, covering the troughs to protect them.

To erect the new 6m double leaf gates, we needed to remove a section of the existing palisade fence as well as the existing gate. The existing ground level was too high to accommodate these new gates so our team excavated and levelled this. Due to the size of the new gates, we installed jockey wheels to the to support the weight.

Once all work was completed we arranged for all spoil and waste materials to be removed from site so it was left tidy.