RRAPs installation, troughing and protection

Project Overview

LCI Rail were required to install 2 no 12.6m Strail RRAPs and other works in preparation for Electrification works to take place at a site near Suttons Business Park in Reading. The works carried out at this location were varied and required a wide range of skills and flexibility from our team. 

Works completed

LCI Rail supplied 2 no 12.6m Strail RRAPs and installed these on adjacent lines.

We identified and exposed current trough routes using cat scan and excavator. Once the troughs were exposed, it became apparent that some of the trough lids were damaged. Our team were able to replace the damaged lids as part of the work we were conducting. We were also required to install cable ducts additional troughing along the cable route. We then used 20 timber sleepers and bolted onto these 5 steel plates to provide protection for these troughs.

An armco barrier was installed to protect an electrical box on the site. The approach to the RRAP was built up with Type 1 and timber edging was added. This was then compacted with a roller.